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Reminder to our Towpath riders -As we start the season, that bike of yours might need a little TLC. Clean the chain, wipe off the trail dust, and lube it up. Stop by for a professional cleaning.

Tune-up Packages

Full Tune-up $80.00

Full Tune-up: All mechanical adjustments and drive train cleaning. Complete adjustment of brakes, gears and wheel truing. Clean drive train. Lube chain, all cables, pivot points and brakes and derailleurs. Fill tires, wipe frame off, test ride.

Brakes & Gears Tune-up $60.00

Brakes & Gears Tune-up: Adjust front and rear brakes. Adjust front and rear derailleurs. Lube chain and cables. Fill tires and test ride.

Drive Train Cleaning & Full Lube $50.00

Drive Train Cleaning & Full Lube: Thoroughly clean chain, Freewheel, rear derailleur. Lube all.

Frame Cleaning $50.00

Frame Cleaning: Thoroughly clean bike frame with super bike wash and polish with a showroom polish and protectant. Wipe down rims, spokes, and hubs with cleaner. Wipe off brake pads and remove light surface rust where applicable.

Disc Brake Service

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Tubeless Setup Install Kit $40.00 Per Wheel

Tubeless Setup Install Kit:Tubeless conversions make your wheelset lighter and give the rider less likelihood of catching a flat on the trail. Ask about price on kits. Covers price of labor only.

Fork Rebuild Service

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Custom Wheel Building $90.00 Per Wheel

Custom Wheel Build: With customer choice of rim, hub and spoke. Covers price of labor only.

Building Boxed Bike

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Purchased a bike online? We will build and tune your new bike. This covers most bikes but there are a few exceptions. Call or stop in if interested.

Boxed Bike For Shipment $75.00

We will box your bike for shipment anywhere! Price includes box and packing material. (Specialty bikes may vary.)

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